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VewDo Balance Boards

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What is a Vew Do Balance Board?

Vew Do Balance Boards was an invention by Brew Moscarello in 1990. Inspired by Bongo balance boards of the 50’s Brew built a board that would aid in his snowboard training and instruction. Brew knew his balance board needed to have a more full range of motion. Building such a quality balance board is easier said than done but after spending countless nights and hard work the first Vew Do Balance Board was born. Today Vew Do Balance has outgrown its humble roots and has become a worldwide leader in the balance board product segment. Many have imitated Brews award winning design but most have failed. A few balance boards still linger today. But the true king Vew Do Balance Boards remains supreme.

How are Vew Do Balance Boards used today?

Vew Do Balance Boards users range from extreme sports athletes, physical therapy patients, to the elderly. The signature design of the Vew Do Balance Boards was immediately popular with Brews targeted snowboarder market. It became an instant success for off season training, and to rehab injuries for many in the snowboard industry. Skating was the next segment to begin using the board, being able to land and practice the same tricks inside and outside was very attractive. Next came surfing, kiteboarding, and many other popular board sports. Vew Do Balance Boards are very popular with the novice crowd, allowing an older generation of people without board sport experience to develop balance skills for many popular action sports such as wakeboarding, kiteboarding, water skiing and snowboarding. The Vew Do Balance Boards allows these older and “new boarders” to try new sports with less risk of injury. Another quite popular use for Vew Do Balance Boards is physical fitness and therapy. Balance boards make working out a fun activity rather than a chore. No bowflew or crazy shaking weight will ever give you the enjoyment of exercising with friends and family on a Vew Do Balance Board. Last and maybe the most important is the use of Vew Do Balance Boards for physical therapy. Many have found from knee injuries to shoulder repair the Vew Do Balance Boards has been a star. I personally used my balance board to rehab my knee after ACL surgery. I cannot say enough great things about the Vew Do Balance Board or how it has changed the lives of so many. Whatever the reason for your purchase having fun is what it is all about.