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Kiteboarding, What Is It?

Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports today. A relatively new sport which in the early 1990's starting becoming popular. Kiteboarding is a mix between wakeboarding and sailing a boat. Like wakeboarding a similar board is used. I say similar because a wakeboard has rocker. The rocker is added to the board because mostly you are riding on the face of the board. A Kiteboard on the other hand have little to no rocker usually. The reason being on a Kiteboard you ride on the edge of the board. Also both Kiteboarding and Wakeboard require a bar in front of you. Unlike wakeboarding there is no need for a $50,000 plus boat. It also shares DNA with a sail boat in the fact both the kiteboarder and the boat require wind and a sail for propulsion. The neat part is the same powerful wind that can make a full size yacht move, can propel a human over 30'feet in the air and also land them like a feather (WARNING: We don't recommend any jumping or tricks on this site. This is for informational purposes only. Kiteboarding is a very dangerous sport. Please practice responsibly and always under supervision. But please HAVE FUN just respect the wind).

Kiteboarding Equipment?

The main equipment includes: a Kiteboard, Kite (or sail for the new kids), Harness, PFD / Impact Vest or Life Vest, and Helmet. There is a laundry list of other pieces you can and should use but we are sticking to the basics for now.

Kiteboarding Lessons?

I only have one lesson always take lessons! We offer a great way to help you learn with one of our great Trainer Kites. No matter what skill level you are, Never stop learning! and Never kite alone! If you don't follow these rules you are risking your safety and your life!

Kiteboarding Environment?

Not only is kiteboarding an extreme sport it is also a green sport. No fuel is spent and no waste is discarded by kiteboarding in general. If there is any major effect on its environment it would have to be aeration of the body of water. This aeration supplies more oxygen for fish, plants, and other water and sea life.