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Power Kites

Power Kites can be an expensive and stressful purchase. Let make it the opposite. Our helpful sales staff goes to great lengths to make your next Power Kite, Foil Kite, and Traction Kite buying experience an affordable and easy one. We accomplish this by offering you an excellent handpicked selection of the kiting industries best power kites for training and kiteboarding at great prices with EXCLUSIVE BONUSES and DISCOUNTS. So give us the opportunity to help you find a POWER KITE that fits your needs and budget. Rest assure we only deal only with top level power kite brands such as HQ Power Kites, Ozone Kites, Crazyfly and, Sensei Trainer Kites. Below are examples of the two main power kite categories Foil Kites and LEI or Inflatable Kites.


Generally LEI Power Kites or “Leading Edge Inflatable” kites are solely for Water Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing. They get this name because the power kite uses lightweight air bladders as a frame or skeleton. The most pronounced part of the kite is the main edge inflated bladder. These kites are heavy and must be inflated this leads to an un-fun experience when they leak. They do offer great low end power which is unmatched in the power kite world. LEI’s come in many shapes and styles for many riding styles which include.

DOWNWINDER: This is the practice of flying your Power Kite downwind. Nothing beats watching the sunrise cruising down the coast. This type of flying requires little skill and very easy on the body. This is a very popular style of power kites specially for older riders and beginners.

FREESTYLE: Big Air jumps and sliding is very common with this power kite. It’s a go anywhere do anything style of riding. The kites generally have big aspect ratios to boost those super high jumps 10 to 20 feet. This is the most popular style of power kite.

WAVERIDE: Also known as kitesurfing. Think surfing with a power kite. The kites must turn very fast to handle the quick wave riding changes. This is the ultimate experience for anyone who enjoys surfing. This is a fast growing style of power kite.

WAKESTYLE: This style of power kite is paired with wakeboards and full bindings to pull off Wakestyle jumps and tricks.

RACING: Speed is the name of these power kites game. Lightweight high aspect ratio power kites are used to race in different formats. Speeds can reach 55 knots or 63 mph!


TRAINER KITES: The usual beginner’s first step into the life changing world of kiteboarding. Built with safety in mind, allowing you to learn with a much lower risk of injury but don't let the name fool you. Trainer kites can be very powerful in the right meter size and wind range. How powerful you say? Powerful enough to pull or jump a full size adult several feet in the air. Once mastered you can move on to your kiteboarding sport of choice such as: Snowkiting, Landboarding, Buggying, or Kite Jumping / Skidding.

LAND KITES: These foil power kites are popular. They are used for buggying, landboarding, skidding. Generally used in super dry areas it is not uncommon to see them beach or lakeside. Some brave kiteboarders have even used these power kites on the water!

SNOW KITES: Snowkiting power kites are fast growing because snowboarding and skiing let you go down the mountain. Snow kites take you up the mountain! Growing more popular in the flat lands as now cross country skiing is an extreme sport.

For more info checkout our in-depth kiteboarding guides. So no matter what you select you will always be getting a quality power kite. If you want something we don’t have email us and we will find it for you. When you think Power Kites, think only