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Slackline, What Is It?

Ever wanted to run away to the circus when you were a kid?  Well has the answer for the next best thing to outlive that childhood dream. A new sport and exercise revolution know simply as, SLACKLINING! The slackline sport is balance based with a nylon webbed strap stretched and elevated between two points. Much like its close cousin rope walking, slacklines differ in the fact there are setup to provide give/bounce like a trampoline. Giving the slackline’er more ability to preform stunts and tricks. The roots of slacklining can be traced to a pair of mountain climbers in the California valley. By word a mouth alone It spread quickly in California before the sport moved overseas and exploded in Europe. Today slackling is now practiced WORDWIDE, growing bigger and bigger everyday. One of greatest attributes to slacklines is that the variations are only limited to the slackers imagination. Here below are the sports five core styles:  So jump on a slackline and you will never look back.

Slackline Types?

Freestyle Slacklining: The line has almost no tension letting the slacker swing at will.
Yoga Slacklining: Preforming Yoga poses and moves while maintaining your balance on the slackline.
Highlining: Slacklining high in the air usually over long distances.
Waterlining: Slacklining over water usually less then two feet above.  (great for learning)
Tricklining: Preforming slackline tricks while the line is low to the ground. Recently extreme and action board sports enthusiasts have also discovered a quality slackline ( ie. Gibbons ) can make a great portable grind rail.

Slackline Is Not A Toe Strap?

A point we stress here at is not to buy a cheap slackline from an unknown company. One of the biggest misconceptions for beginners is that a slackline is a tow strap. This is wrong, slacklines are specially engineered and have complicated webbing weaves to give elasticity while maintaining the line’s tensile strength. The webbing on a Classic Model Gibbons and a Jibline are completely different. So please read the product descriptions on the lines intended use before purchasing. No matter where you buy your slackline please be careful and buy from a name you trust.

If you’re new to the sport or just want a refresher on the latest technologies being used on slacklines today. We want to help you, by offering helpful information so you can make the best possible choice(s), so check out our free Getting Started or Whats New articles.