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Fiberglass Skimboards

Skimboard Buyer's Quick Guide


There are an endless seas of options of skimboards choices, but don’t worry we can get you ready to pick out a board in 5mins or less. Just ready below and learn about the three main factors when choosing a skimboard, and you will save a lot of time and frustration out of the process. The three main factors we are going to learn about when choosing a skimboard are construction, size, and skill level.


The construction of a skimboard varies but the three main types are fiberglass, wood, and carbon fiber. Once you choose your desired option, half the work is complete. Note most riders are recommended fiberglass-constructed skimboards for their wide range of uses and value. Generally wood skimboards are cheap disposable boards but can be ok if you need something for a once use vacation board. Carbon fiber is an advanced material and the boards are not for beginners.


The size of the board is very important in matching up the rider’s size. This can be a challenge because sizing recommendations vary between manufactures. Just because a board is longer or shorter doesn’t mean it is the correct size. Core thickness and width play just as large as role in proper sizing.

Skill Level

Sometimes when choose the board based on your skill level its not about what level I’m at today but where I’m headed or want to be tomorrow. Skimboarding is all about the progression so take that into consideration if you are serious about the sport.


Here at we take the guesswork out for most. Make your choice of either the rider’s skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or the desired material (fiberglass, wood, or carbon fiber) and each board we will give you a riders maximum weight and height range. Yes its really that easy, but if you want to know more information on really getting the best board for you, Click Here for Our Full Skimboard Buyers Guide.