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Waboba Ball

Ready …Set… Waboba Ball!

You may be asking yourself what is a Waboba Ball? The Waboba Ball is a super bouncing ball made for the water! Standard balls go splat when hitting the surface of the water but the Waboba bounces like its rocket propelled. It makes other water and pool toys as boring and outdated as water wings. The Waboba seems harmless at first glance. Almost like a standard lycra covered stress ball, but it’s not. The Waboba Balls patented technology allow this ball to bounce and soar through the air like no water toy before. What else can you expect from the Waboba Water Bouncing Ball? Well a lot actually. The Waboba water bouncing ball is very sensitive and transfers the energy you put into it, at never seen before levels. You can bounce it long distance like over two pool lengths and the more energy you put into it the farther it will fly. Also the Waboba can be hopped and curved. By changing the angle of throw and adding spin to the Waboba Ball you have created a true water bouncing trickster. Throw it back and forth with your friends and family. Play it as a sport or use it to take pool and beach games to whole new level. There is no stopping the fun when the Waboba is around. Other fun and addictive trait about the Waboba is that is bounces off waves to which can be a fun and unpredictable time by itself. Whatever your use, pick up one and start the Waboba Ball fun today!