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Trainer Kites

This is where the addiction starts so choose which trainer kite fits your needs. If your not sure contact us by email or by phone (see our contact page for details). Power kiting is not just for exterme sports junkies. Its a sport and workout that any age or skill level can appreciate the fun and power! Trainer Kites give you the fun of their bigger siblings with out the large investment or the kite risk Did you know Trainer Kites hold there value better then any other power kite on the market? No matter where you go in the kiting industry you will never regret your first power kite. goes to great lengths to be your only choice for TRAINER KITES online or in person. Whether your power kiting or doing kite instruction check with us first before trusting another retailer. We go great lengths to bring you a handpicked selection of the kiting industries best traction trainer kites. Only offering you the top brands such as HQ Power Kites, Crazyfly / Sensei Trainer Kites, and Slingshot Kiteboarding. strives to offer the products you crave at the prices everyone can afford.  If you see a lower price let us know so can not only match it but BEAT IT! Also if you want something and you don’t see on the site email us and we will add it or get it for you. Think Power Kites, and think Below is a list of Trainer Kites Recommend

HQ Hydra Trainer Kite

Water Trainer Kite: There is no kite that even comes close to the hydra trainer kite. The only trainer that can be used on any and every terrain. So if your budget allows make this your number one choice.

HQ Fluxx Trainer Kite

Budget Trainer Kite<: For the kiter on the budget the first foil offers more punch for the money then should be allowed by law. Not the most powerful kite of the bunch but a true performer for sure. Any trainer kite for $70 usually leads to heart ache but this one changes minds.

HQ Rush V Trainer Kite

Land Trainer Kite: An all around excellent kite. Not the cheapest kite around but nothing on the market can match its power. Go to the Rush 300 Pro page and see the power these kites generate. Once you go HQ Power Kites you will never look back