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Balance Board, What Is It?

A balance board by definition is a board that rests on top of a fulcrum used to build balance. The board can be made from wood, plastic, and in some cases metal. The fulcrum below allow the board to become unbalanced so the user may use their muscles to stabilize. The fulcrum can be a ball, roller, or inflatable cushion to just name a few. Once the user stands on top of the balance board the fulcrum will make the board become wobbly or unstable. This forces the user to balance their weight on the balance board over the pivot this is what we know as a balance board today. Balance boards have been around since the dawn of time.

Balance Board, What Can If Do For Me?

Balance Boards were a fad in the 50s and died off fast but returned back to popularity in the 90s. Today balance boards are becoming more and more popular. Balance boards are even are paired with popular video games (wii balance board). The more common balance boards are used for leisure, training and fitness. A popular use of past time was to train for board sports. The Vew Do Balance Board was the first to accomplish this. Originally designed for snowboarding, later products came to allow specialized balance training for skating and surfing style sports. Fitness classes and gyms are starting to move more and more towards utilizing these great products. The best attribute for balance boards used for fitness is they force the user to workout the muscles equally. This allows you to train and exhaust yourself without putting more strain on one side then the other. So no matter if it is for fun or fitness you can never lose with a quality balance board