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Cablz Eyewear Retainer

Cablz Buyer's Quick Guide

Cablz Eywear have 3 different rubber temple attachments for different sunglass end thicknesses. They also come in 5 lengths (10",12",14",16",22"). The band of Cablz Eywear is made from surgical grade stainless steel (monofilament cable in some models) cable that is used to repair complex fractures. The ends are molded industrial strength rubber with an internal ball bearing system. Cablz are designed to handle hard work and an active lifestyle. Not to be confused with Croakies, Chums or any other inferior product, the Cablz Eyewear Retainer System is "THE NEXT GENERATION" of EYEWEAR RETAINERS.

Cablz Rubber Ends Sizing

  • Universal End (fits 5-15mm frames): When in doubt choose the universal end. The universal end stretches to fit most frames on the market today.
  • XL End (fits 9-19mm frames): The XL ends are designed to fit the largest frames on the market.
  • Skinnyz End (fits 3-8mm frames): The Skinnyz are designed to fit the smaller frames and are only available in two models; 14” Black Cablz Zipz, & 14” Cablz Monoz

Cablz Length Sizing

  • 10" is great for youth and can also be used as a sport strap for adults.
  • 12" & 14" are the most popular length for sunglasses.
  • 16" are designed for a larger neck or a longer version for reading glasses.
  • 22" lengths are exclusively for the Flys