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SeaSucker Bike Rack Guide


Single Bike Racks



The Talon is designed to work with the most amount of vehicles. It can attach to the roof, trunk, hatchback, or back glass of your SUV. With Three 6” vacuum cups on the front of the rack in a triangle shape it can bridge the gap between body panels. At 6 pounds it is ideal for travel and use with rental cars. Rated to hold a 45lb bike, and can be used with a designated thru axle fork mount, or a Fork Up adapter for quick changes between bikes. Includes a rear wheel strap, and spare tire.

"The Work Horse of The Line"



The Falcon is a single Bike Rack for Trucks. Using two 6” vacuum mounts you can attach this rack to the back glass of the truck. It does not include a rear wheel strap, and is designed to set the rear wheel inside the truck bed. Includes spare tire.



The Hornet is the worlds smallest bike rack. It is designed to work on the back glass of an SUV, Wagon, or Van. The two 4.5” vacuum mounts hold the handlebars securely and allow the bike to hang vertically with both wheels attached. Includes a carry case and a safety strap.



The KOMODO is SeaSucker’s most premium bike rack. Designed to work with road bikes it’s small footprint and ability to suspend the rear wheel means it can be used on convertibles and other high end cars with limited mounting surface area. Machined out of a solid block of aluminum, and anodized for long lasting durability.

"The Hypercar of Bike Racks"

Multiple Bike Racks



The Mini Bomber is a two bike rack and SeaSucker’s most versatile yet. It can hold one or two bikes at the same time. For bikes with wider handlebars (Downhill, hybrid, cruiser) you can angle the fork mounts using the additional holes drilled in the deck. It has a center accessory mount location for an add on wheel holder. This rack works great with Tandem and Recumbent bikes. Uses four 6” vacuum cups on the body of the rack. Includes two rear wheel straps and spare tire



The Bomber can hold three bikes and is SeaSucker’s largest bike rack. It can hold three bikes in any configuration it is great for families or use as a team rack. The two outer fork mounts can be angled so the handlebars don't touch the center bike. At 41”x11” with five 6” vacuum mounts across the front it is the strongest rack. The deck is made from HDPE and can be flexed to fit the curve of the vehicles roof. Includes three rear wheel straps and a spare tire

"The Biggest and Baddest of All Bike Racks"




Trike Rack - The SeaSucker trike rack allows you the ultimate adjustability for all trike types. For a short/wide wheelbase of a cruiser or a narrow/long of a recumbent or hand cycle this rack works. Just mount the two tire hooks where they are needed, then attach the third tire mount.


Add Ons

Front Wheel Storage

The Flight Deck Add-On Wheel holder for any of our fork mounted bike racks. The flight deck allows you to keep your front wheel outside the vehicle. It also adds an additional vacuum mount to the rear wheel strap for additional redundancy in the rack system. Includes one 6” vacuum mount, deck, wheel holder, and hardware. **Uses your existing rear wheel strap to complete the product.

Security That Doesn't Suck

In General all SeaSucker fork mounted racks have a hole cut in the center of the deck. This allows you to use a cable lock to attach the bikes to the rack. The rack can be removed in 5-10 seconds and stowed when not in use.

The Trunk Cable Anchor (Combo) for Customers that want to rear mount the SeaSucker racks. The trunk cable anchor goes between the trunk lid and quarter panel. It also works on some hatchbacks between the hatch and body panel. The anchor is rubber coated so it will not damage your paint. Includes a 6ft standard keyed cable lock.

The Windows Cable Anchor (Combo) for customers that will roof mount their SeaSucker rack. The window anchor is used by rolling down the window, inserting the anchor and rolling it back up to secure it in place. It uses protectant film and rubber pad to protect your window from scratches. Adds an additional level of security for cars with window break alarms, as the alarm will sound if someone tries to remove the anchor. Includes a 6ft standard keyed cable lock.

Seasucker Racks In Use