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The Ondaboard is the hottest selling item of the season

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The Onda board is the hottest selling item this season. We are expecting limted stock so look into placing your order early. Some of you may asking yourself what is a Ondaboard? The Ondaboard is a crossbetween a longboard skateboard and a downhill landboard. It is made of a lightweight composite. Please note this is not a plastic toy. The pictures and video do not do this product justice. It is new and great product in the world of board sports. I have personally read some negative reviews online but there all from people never even seeing one in person. Its large lightweight wheels and slick ball bearings give this board move and keep moving with little effort. Its adjustable suspension turns on a dime literly!  Its a great board sport experience and is one of the more addicting items I have used in a long time. How many longboards can you take to a halfpipe? Or doesn't weigh a ton making it not fun to carry.



GoPro HD Cameras Coming Soon

The Go Pro HD Cameras for Surf, Helmets, and Motorsports are comming to  Stay Tuned!

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The New HQ Hydra is HERE

This is the first and only water relaunchable trainer kite. I have to admit that when we got this at the shop, we were skeptical. Other manufacturers have tried water relaunching powerkites and failed at it but this kite really works nicely. We are so excited about these new kites we truely belive these will [...]

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